Will 2015 Audi TT and TTS surprise you

2015 Audi TT is the third-gen of the brand\'s two-seat sports car. More »

i8 headlight the mass produced laser headlights of BMW in the second half of 2014

When Audi showed its new laser headlights at the 2014 CES, BMW expressed on Twitter: “We don’t have time to introduce the technology in 2011 to the 2014 CES, More »

Partnerships was considered by Mercedes

According to Dr. Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler, the company has had developed partnerships with three other world famous auto companies: More »

A new CVT and a2.4 liter four may be seen in Outlander of Mitsubishi

The Outlander of Mitsubishi is really adequate in US market. We can see offering of Mitsubishi’s Outlander here and there. More »

Design details have been changed, the release of Dodge Journey Crossroad

At the Chicago Auto Show, Dodge has brought a Journey Crossroad model. Compared to regular version, the new version has improved itsdetails. The new model is expected to enter into the market in the spring of 2014. More »


Alpine push production car in 2017

Recently, Renault Alpine sports car project director Bernard Ollivier said in an interview with the media, the first production of Alpine sports car will be officially launched in 2017, and is adopted in the car or Alpine Celebration concept car of the same design, it was possible to pick up 1.8 T engine

Have overseas media exposure before the Alpine patent figure brand new sports car, the car’s design and Alpine Celebration is similar to the concept car. The front of car headlamp unit design personality, front bumper central adopted banner type intake grille shape. In the tail, the car is cancelled after concept car rear spoiler and diffuser, overall than Alpine Celebration concept car closer to the production.

In the power part, overseas media said this car is likely to pick up from the Clio RS 1.8 T engine, this engine is depending on the set-up will be divided into 250 horsepower and 275 horsepower and 300 horsepower three versions, will use a dual-clutch gearbox in transmission.

Or in 2017 unveiled the production version of the Continental exposure of Lincoln

Although the test car with a tight camouflage, but we can still see the test car body contourand grille contours are similar to the concept car, the car will use a large number of design the appearance of the concept car.

Power, the new car will be equipped with 3.0T turbocharged engine, and the engine will bematched with a 9 speed automatic transmission, the new car will be equipped with four-wheel drive system. In addition, foreign media reports, the Lincoln for Chinese market with four cylinder engine, the entry-level models. However, the relevant information has not beenofficially confirmed, the specific engine configuration also need to wait for the official news ofthe future.

The Chicago auto show starting new kia RIO

In the 2015 Chicago auto show will launch the new kia RIO version sedan models, the official has released the car’s official figure. The sta version of the new RIO starting at the 2014 Paris motor show, while the saloon car is officially launched. Exterior aspect, the new RIO version sedan models and some details on its sta version is different, the former face design has a lot of adjustments, such as some of the bigger the size of the front grille, headlights lamps and lanterns structure adjusted within the group. At the bottom of the bumper adopted unibody design at the same time, the modelling of fog lamps area also changes, overall looks no sta so dynamic, home some more preference.
The tail, the car also USES a relatively simple taillight design, overall modelling more smoothly. It is understood that the high-end RIO will carry 17-inch wheels.
Interiors, sta and sedan version of the model is the same, the overall modelling concise, clear function division, of central gun barrel type seems to be movement dashboard. For the new kia RIO’s harshness (NVH) sound insulation level upgrade, at the same time strengthening the rigidity of A column and B column. The high-end models are also equipped with SiriusXM, a key to the front seat heating, start, such as power sunroof configuration. Power, the car will carry a 1.6 L engine in the United States, maximum power 140 horsepower, peak torque of 167 n · m, transmission system, double-box car matching standard six-speed automatic transmission, saloon cars with 6 speed manual gearbox.

Or will be released on March suspected audi R8 new generation real vehicle exposure

Recently, there are overseas media exposes a suspected the audi R8 new generation without disguise real vehicle figure, new car adopted the latest design concept, audi according to previously reported new car is expected to be opened in March of this year’s Geneva motor show. We can see in the picture, a new generation of R8 face model reference before the audi quattro concept car design concept, the iconic hexagon intake grille with black China open design, headlamps group adopts trapezium design, and designed a new air inlet below, make the vehicle look more sharp. According to the photos of before exposure, a new generation R8 interior will also have the very big change, instrument panel as a whole will change, and is equipped with new TFT LCD panel. Motivation, according to the information before the exposure, a new generation of R8 is expected to pick up 4.0 L V8 twin turbocharged engine and V10 naturally aspirated engines. Transmission ways, or to match the engine will be seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. In addition, there are media reports said a new generation of pure electric R8 will release version, its maximum power output of 381 horsepower, peak torque of 820 cattle, meters, maximum range is likely to reach 500 km.

Released in March Volkswagen Golf GTD travel version of the official

Recently, Volkswagen officially released a new set of GTD golf travel version of the official chart, the new car will be at the March Geneva auto show debut.
Face shape sufficient personality new golf GTD travel version of the honeycomb grille, the lower end is provided with a single cross spoke chrome plating decoration strip, the two sides through the car headlights group, lamp group interior is equipped with the LED daytime driving lights. The new front bumper central is an inverse trapezoid honeycomb grille design, both sides are equipped with lights and decorative significance of three horizontal radial black bar.
It is reported, the new golf GTD travel version of the vehicle body height compared to the ordinary version of the model to reduce the 15mm, the official to the car with the 17 inch wheels, and Figure 18 inch wheels are optional. In addition, the car is also equipped with red brake calipers, black roof rack and smoked taillights, showing a very strong sense of movement.
Power system, the new golf travel version of the GTD with a 2.0T diesel engine, the maximum output power of the engine of 184 horsepower, peak torque is 380 nm. The official said, the car 0-100km/h acceleration time of 7.9 seconds, top speed is 230km/h.

Subaru released three new concept car

After the opening of the Tokyo motor show, subaru has officially released three concept car, they are a new generation of the liberty B4 Blitzen concept car, XV Sport concept car and LEVORG S concept car. Three new concept car compared to their normal models in terms of appearance modelling is more exercise.
The liberty B4 Blitzen concept car will be based on a new generation of the liberty to build appearance will use is called Premium unique Red paint, Red before the intake grille with black China open design, bumper modelling more movement, in addition, the new car is equipped with new rims five radial movement. The rear part, new car USES exaggerated double sections of stationary spoiler, rear bumper modelling is more dynamic, and USES the bilateral two exhaust layout. Motivation, subaru and dynamic information of concept cars were not disclosed. Subaru XV Sport concept cars adopt unique Sunrise Yellow (Yellow) Sunrise spray paint, before the intake grille with honeycomb mesh modelling, front bumper with carbon fiber material before making the besieged, compared to common version of the model more movement. In addition, the car is equipped with new carbon fiber body surrounded and fender flares, and lowers the car. The rear part of new cars are equipped with a new rear diffuser, after insurance on both sides of the fog lamps position also wrapped with carbon fiber material, so as to highlight the new car’s motor. And interiors, new car interior with black color, and supplemented by the unique line of yellow sunrise ornament, visual effect is very good. In addition, the seat and steering wheel also drawn respectively in “XV Sport Concept” special words.

Motivation, new car carrying a 2.0 L engine, maximum power of 150 horsepower, peak torque of 196 cattle, m. Transmission, and engine matching will be CVT transmission.
Finally, we introduce LEVORG S concept car, the car based on the subaru LEVORG, the most obvious feature of the new car is adopted STI style design. Concept car before the intake grille with black China open design, and with very conspicuous red border ornament, front bumper very exaggerated modelling, on both sides of the air intake compared to common a larger version of the model. In addition, the new car in the front engine cover design the opening of the new, make aggressive look up the new car. The rear part of a new car tail design is very highlight motility, rear bumper are equipped with a new rear diffuser, and adopted the bilateral two exhaust layout. In addition, the new car in the rear of the top is equipped with a carbon fiber material, small spoiler. In addition, the officials said a new car with the movement of suspension system and braking system in the calibration. Interiors, new car interior trim body wrapped with black material, supplemented by visible red adornment, in addition, the new car is equipped with the red start button steering wheel, sport seats and STI style.

Motivation, subaru leaked concept car carrying a 2.0 L turbocharged engine, but did not provide the specific power data. While driving, and engine matching is a 6 speed manual gearbox. Interiors, new car interior trim body wrapped with black material, supplemented by visible red adornment, in addition, the new car is equipped with the red start button steering wheel, sport seats and STI style.

Former CEO voice Q50 performance version of the production plan or cancelled

Infiniti was launched in 2014 north American auto show Q50 Eau Rouge concept car, and announced that the car will be Q50 performance in the future mass production version of the model. But recently there are foreign media exposure, nissan or has been terminated Q50 Eau Rouge concept car production plan. Foreign media quoted infiniti former CEO Johan at current Cadillac (John DE, the processing/President) a paragraph on the Facebook “vice President of nissan Noboru Tateishi has decided to give up Q50 Eau Rouge concept car production plan”. Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge concept car north American auto show debut in 2014, and published in the 2014 Geneva motor show its power system, the vehicle will pick up from nissan GT – R’s 3.8 L V6 turbo engine, maximum power 560 horsepower and 600 cattle, maximum torque.
Until June 2014 infiniti’s then CEO Johan at also told reporters the car in the future I will get the mass production, and had left the infiniti today Johan at once again declared that the car plan has already been canceled, it can not help but make people feel a little strange. So far, infiniti’s official has not issued an official response to the comments, eventually Q50 Eau Rouge concept car can to production we are unclear, please continue to focus on our report

The 2015 Tokyo motor show release subaru will push three concept car

Subaru has announced in January 9, 2015 opening of the Tokyo motor show released three new concept model, the three, respectively is a new generation of the liberty B4 Blitzen concept car, XV Sport concept car and LEVORG S concept car. Though the subaru has not released three new concept car of the official figure, but the official revealed some new information, let us understand each of these three new concept car.

The liberty B4 Blitzen concept car will be based on a new generation of the liberty to build appearance will use is called Premium Red unique Red paint, and equipped with a new sport surrounded and large size spoiler. And interiors, concept car will use piano black and beige material for package, and match with red stitching, and highlight its motility Another subaru XV Sport concept car will be based on the subaru XV, concept car, adopt unique Sunrise Yellow (Yellow) Sunrise paint spraying, and are equipped with a black intake grille and new design sports rims, visual effect is expected very outstanding. In addition, the concept car than ordinary models with lower body height.
The subaru LEVORG S concept car, will be used on the basis of the normal version LEVORG STI style suite, its appearance is expected to more aggressive, in addition, the concept car also improved the air intake and exhaust system. Power, the car will pick up 2.0 L level to buy turbo engine, matching and 6 speed manual gearbox

North American auto show starts Lexus F series new forecast figure

Lexus has announced that it would show in North America released a F high-performance series of new products, at the same time, the official also released a new forecast figure. Together before the news of the design characteristics of the product details, and forecast the picture editor speculated that new car IS likely to be a new Coupe IS F, but the specific identity, the lexus wasn’t disclosed
Through the forecast figure, the lexus brand new f-series models adopted family intake grille design, with a carbon fiber at the bottom of the decoration, in addition to the vehicle IS equipped with a large size spokes round sha-lu and more orange brake calipers, and its headlights set of modelling also IS very sharp, and a new generation IS the design style of four edition models close.

According to previous messages, lexus will be releasing two new models, F series and GS F in overseas has been exposed photos before, its headlights design different models and former face contour and forecast in the figure, and the other IS a lexus Coupe IS F, new look from the headlights modelling of forecast models in figure, with the IS product design style IS very close, so the editor speculated that this upcoming F series models are likely to be the new Coupe IS F.

Motivation, lexus IS F new Coupe could use a new 5.0 L V8 engine, the maximum output power to 461 HP (339 kw), achieved 543 n · m torque, power than cash model has large improvement, in addition the engine cylinder passivation function, according to the need to shut down four cylinder, in order to obtain lower fuel consumption. News about lexus brand new F series models, we will continue to focus on.

A new generation 2015 lexus RX information exposure

Recently, the news that the overseas media announced the new lexus RX models for more information, a new car is expected to be released in 2015. Reported that the new lexus RX will carry the lexus is a new generation of active Safety technology Safety System +, the System contains the active collision prevention System, lane departure warning System, and multiple sets of type LED automatically adjust the headlight, and detect the camera is upgraded to a millimeter radar, can achieve a better protection performance. When lexus lane departure warning System of Safety System + induction to the vehicle lane migration, to alert the will and the brakes to assist drivers, even for a single tyre for braking, active correction the trajectory of driving.

In addition, the new lexus RX body size will further increase, and there are 7 edition models for optional, so as to meet the needs of more customers. For the release date for this model, there are two kinds of voice, may be in the north American auto show debut in January 2015, or meet with the consumers at the end of 2015.