2004 Maybach 62 finished 999,999 km service

Josef Weikinger is a Lichtenstein businessman. We have just heard the news that his 2004 Maybach 62 saw One Million Kilometers on the Clock. The man bought the 2004 Maybach 62 in Aril 2004 and recently his odometer showed 999,999 km (621,370 miles).

Yes, he had his original engine replaced after an odometer of 600,000 km (372,822 miles) and he also had his car replaced with a new gearbox and front shocks as well as several repairs to the electrical system. Last august, he want to replace his old car with a new Maybach. However, the brand was gone and he had to choose BMW760Li. Now the Maybach is on its service for another owner.2004 Maybach 62 finished 999,999 km service

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