2016 Mégane will ride on CMF C-D platform

2016 Mégane is redesigned from Renault Mégane, a model that shadowed by its competitors. However, the company believes this new model will yield great result. Based on the Clio and Captur, the new model has a sportier feature. It has a slender grille and a large Renault logo.

According to Yann Le Graet, Renault UK product manager, the company won’t go back to the shape of the Mégane II. He also said that the low roof makes the model more attractive and appealing. What’s more? 2016 Mégane will be equipped with high quality interior, including a 9-inches large touchscreen display. There are no more specifics about the new model. But it is confirmed by the company that the new model will ride on the CMF C-D platform.

Are you ready to see the new face of the new model?2016 Mégane will ride on CMF C-D platform


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