A new CVT and a2.4 liter four may be seen in Outlander of Mitsubishi

The Outlander of Mitsubishi is really adequate in US market. We can see offering of Mitsubishi’s Outlander here and there. However, as we all know that US market is a market of adequate offerings of other cars. So, the small car company is losing its market share in this place day by day.

There also are offerings of the Evo and the Lancer in US market. But we all know that the Outlander is its key in the market. According to Don Swearingen, North America Executive Vice President of Mitsubishi, the car may be getting a new CVT and a2.4 liter four, which will help reduce fuel consumption. It is what we need in the energy-shortage age.


We also heard that Mitsubishi is conducting cooperation with Renault-Nissan, which is expected to help the company gain more market share.

a2.4 liter four may be seen in Outlander of Mitsubishi

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