All-electronic version of Golf VII is on sale

Electronic version is the trend of modern vehicles. An all-electric variant of Golf VII is on sale. It is priced at 34,900 EUR. Golf is crowned the most successful European car of all the time. Its four-door electronic version is equipped with a 115 HP (85 kW) motor which provides an instant torque of 270 Nm.

The version is expected to drive at a range of between 81 miles and 118 miles, in consideration of route, traffic condition and other related factors. What’s more? Volkswagen provides an eight year and 160000 km battery guarantee. Also, it has standard equipment, which means it has leather-wrapped steering wheel, full LED headlights, aero-optimized alloys, unique C-shaped LED daytime running lights, Discover Pro radio & navigation system and heated windscreen.All-electronic version of Golf VII is on sale


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