Alpine push production car in 2017

Recently, Renault Alpine sports car project director Bernard Ollivier said in an interview with the media, the first production of Alpine sports car will be officially launched in 2017, and is adopted in the car or Alpine Celebration concept car of the same design, it was possible to pick up 1.8 T engine

Have overseas media exposure before the Alpine patent figure brand new sports car, the car’s design and Alpine Celebration is similar to the concept car. The front of car headlamp unit design personality, front bumper central adopted banner type intake grille shape. In the tail, the car is cancelled after concept car rear spoiler and diffuser, overall than Alpine Celebration concept car closer to the production.

In the power part, overseas media said this car is likely to pick up from the Clio RS 1.8 T engine, this engine is depending on the set-up will be divided into 250 horsepower and 275 horsepower and 300 horsepower three versions, will use a dual-clutch gearbox in transmission.

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