Carrying W12 engine Bentley new entry-level coupe rendering

Recently, have overseas media announced the bentley brand new entry-level four-door coupe rendering, the car will locate under speed, the highest will carry W12 engine, the main movement and control performance
From the point of rendering, the car used the bentley family-owned four eye headlight design, air intake grille and bumper air inlet of mesh modeling has been adopted, the style of the bumper more movement characteristics. In the side and rear, the wheels of the car is very dynamic modelling, coupled with relatively low body height and narrow line design, car body more highlights its emphasis on the characteristics of the motor.

On the power, bentley’s top models of entry-level coupe will be carrying the audi and bentley jointly build W12 engine, other cars will use the audi provide 3.0 T 4.0 T V6 and V8 engine. bentley

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