Details of 2018 Mercedes SLK is in the air

Details about the 2018 Mercedes SLK are emerging. The redesigned roadster rides on the modular sports car architecture, which enables it to be equipped with two different roofs and plug-in hybrid technology. It is also expected to be equipped with 4MATIC all-wheel drive.

It is also rumored that the SLK will be powered by a four-cylinder petrol engine which develops an outputs of 238 PS (175 kW) and an assortment of six-cylinder units which develops an outputs of 333 PS (245 kW), 375 PS (275 kW) and 435 PS (320 kW). There is also such information in the air that the 2018 Mercedes SLK will be equipped with higher-end variants of 4MATIC all-wheel drive.2018 Mercedes SLK

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