Former CEO voice Q50 performance version of the production plan or cancelled

Infiniti was launched in 2014 north American auto show Q50 Eau Rouge concept car, and announced that the car will be Q50 performance in the future mass production version of the model. But recently there are foreign media exposure, nissan or has been terminated Q50 Eau Rouge concept car production plan. Foreign media quoted infiniti former CEO Johan at current Cadillac (John DE, the processing/President) a paragraph on the Facebook “vice President of nissan Noboru Tateishi has decided to give up Q50 Eau Rouge concept car production plan”. Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge concept car north American auto show debut in 2014, and published in the 2014 Geneva motor show its power system, the vehicle will pick up from nissan GT – R’s 3.8 L V6 turbo engine, maximum power 560 horsepower and 600 cattle, maximum torque.
Until June 2014 infiniti’s then CEO Johan at also told reporters the car in the future I will get the mass production, and had left the infiniti today Johan at once again declared that the car plan has already been canceled, it can not help but make people feel a little strange. So far, infiniti’s official has not issued an official response to the comments, eventually Q50 Eau Rouge concept car can to production we are unclear, please continue to focus on our report

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