How to change wiper blades for 1995 Toyota Camry LE (V6)

If you had taken a close look at wiper blades of car, you should know that they are made of rubber which will wear after a certain time of use especially in hot and dry climate. But the process of replace worn windshield wiper can be a frustrating experience. In this article we will tell you how to change wiper blades for your 1995 Toyota Camry LE (V6)? Before the replacement work, you should have certain knowledge about what parts made the wiper blade. Windshield wipers are made of lower wiper arm, metal blade that attaches to the lower arm and the rubber blade which is used to wiper the windshield.

Step 1: make sure what parts you need to replace the windshield wiper for your 1995 Toyota Camry LE (V6); if you are new in this area, you need the entire blade, not just the rubber insert part of the blade and ensure to purchase the correct replacement of wipers of your 1995 Toyota Camry LE (V6) since different type have different size;

Step 2: you should have an attachment that will match the one of the wiper blade of your 1995 Toyota Camry LE (V6); before the installation work, you should know how to connect the attachment to the blade; make the wiper arm not rest onto the windshield by pulling them up carefully; the wiper arm is spring-loaded, if you do not position it correctly it may snap back and crack the windshield of your 1995 Toyota Camry LE (V6);

Step 3: remove the original wiper blades out of the wiper arms and then inset the attachment onto the new wiper blades; once you listened a click then this process is done; make sure one of your hand is holding the wiper away from the windshield during this entire process to protect your windshield from any damage; you may even put a thick cloth onto the windshield to protect it; different wiper has different connection way between wiper arm and wiper blade; this is a simple part, take a close look and you will know how it works.

Step 4: make sure it is correctly and tightly attached.

There are some points that I have to remind you that you should not assume that the right and left blazes of your 1995 Toyota Camry LE (V6) have the same size.

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