How to examine A/C Clutch Failures caused by Low Voltage for your car

For those cars with a 12-volt system, their A/C compressor clutch requires 11.5 volts electricity in minimum to create the electromagnetic field able to engage the clutch pulley which is a must for the flow of refrigerant. If the voltage of your car is less than 11.5, then the clutch hub will clip against the face of the pulley or even overheating the clutch. This is a problem that many drivers who have a comparatively longer driving experience encountered. But, do you know how to examine A/C clutch failures caused by low voltage for your car? To solve this problem, we should solve the problem of low voltage. There are many causes for low voltage.

Step 1: check to see if your car has a poor ground wire connection. Some even tap into the electrical system to power auxiliary items like radios, marker lamps, heaters, and appliances, which is another cause.

Step 2: there is one thing that you should make it clear that when your car requires the 85-amp alternator to provide a more-than-capacity supply, and then the additional power is required to come from your batteries. Following the drain of your batteries, power going to compressor clutch will drop to lower than the minimum requirement of 11.5 volts, which will cause the clutch of your car unable to fully engage.

How to examine A/C Clutch Failures caused by Low Voltage for your car

Step 3: to figure out voltage problem, you should make a peak demand environment. Run engine and A/C; turn on lights, wipers, radios, heaters and everything that needs to be powered by electricity. Then have professional gauge to check and read the volts of your clutch coil, remember that the data you need is 13.5 volts rather than any one minimum than 11.5.

In fact the clutch assembly can provide a service as long as the life of your car in case that you give it proper maintenance and proper amount of oil, refrigerant and voltage. So, lower voltage will damage your clutch. So, when you find lights of your car become unusual red, then you may take clutch voltage into consideration. Or, finally, you will cost much to have your clutch work. The cost of compressor is really high.

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