How to examine malfunction heater for your car

Heater is a part that has relationship with the cooling system of your car. It is the source of heat in passenger compartment. Many reasons will lead to a malfunction heater. In this article, we will tell youhow to examine malfunction heater for car and how to fix it if the problem is simple and easy to be fixed.

Step 1: check coolant level in your engine. If the coolant level is low, air will stay in the heater core, which will lead to un-continuous coolant flow in your heater core and lead to in-proper heat output.

Many things can clog the heat core. Excessive stop-leak product should be particularly cared. Find the heater hoses that carry the coolant to heater core, keep your engine at normal temperature fell for temperature difference. Set temperature control to the full hot position and blow the heat off, the two hoses should have the same temperature. If not, your heater core may be clogged.

Disconnect the hoses that connect to the heater core, check if the coolant can flow into the heater core. Check to see if you car have a heater control valve. If so, run you engine, have someone help you control the temperature control and check to see if it is blocking the coolant flow.

Step 2: if the temperature gauge of your engine is higher than normal, then you should check your cooling system. Defective thermostat may cause such problem. In daily driving you should not make your engine overheating and taking care of your cooling system.

Step 3: if the temperature soon lowers down after your stop driving and warm up soon when you start your car, then there may be problem with your cooling system. A healthy cooling system should have fresh coolant flow through the heat core constantly. If you can feel heat increase when you restart your car after a stop, then you may have an inefficient water pump. Be careful when doing this check to make sure not to overheat your engine.

Step 4: if your engine never warms up no matter what you do or it takes really a long time (your engine should reach operating temperature after a running of about 6 to 8 minutes),

Step 5: if your cooling system is OK, but the temperature has problem, and your car has heater control, then you should check to see if there is any problem with you heater control. Poor heater operation may harm your heater control.


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