How to replace air filter for your car?

Just like other part that takes in air from outside environment will have the function of filtering. Air filter of your car plays such an important role. A clean air filter will improve the mileage of your car while a dirty or clogged air filter may alter up your mileage. In this article we will tell you how to replace air filter for your car.

Step 1: before you replace your air filter, you should know when to do this. Air filter should be replaced once a year for normal users or say 15000 miles one time. If your car often went to dirty environment, then you should check your air filter more often and see if it needs to be replaced. If the accordion part of your filter covered by thick dust, then it is time to do replacement work.

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Step 2: changing air filter can be an easy thing, if you know how to do this job, then it will help you save some money. Park your car at a safe and flat place; open the hood. If you have really an old car, remember to prop it up in case it will shut down and bang your head. Give your engine several minutes and wait until it cool down.

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Step 3: during this period, you can prepare some tools: a butter knife, two medium size screwdrivers. Commonly, the part that enclosed in the black plastic casing near the center-top of the engine is the air filter. The breadbox-sized non-mental complex is it. You will see many metal clips on the side, slide your butter knife between the casing and the clips and then pry all the clips away and then open the case. In some cases you may see an air filter housing tighten by some long screws, and then you should use the screwdriver to unscrew them and get the filter. Different kind may have different type of air filter although they look similar. For older cars, they may have a circular air filter sitting on the top of the engine. These filters are accessed by wing nut. Crack it open and you will see the filter. They have light colors, white and yellow, red to let you know the dirt.

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Step 4: remove the filter and check the dirt by bending back the paper ridges. For filthy filter, you should go and buy a new one. Insert the new one into the housing and screw it in tightly.

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