How to solve Leaking Oil for your Isuzu Impulse

Oil is highly-priced but this is not the only reason that we should check and solve leaking oil. We all know that oil leakage is a common situation that many car owners will meet including you. Although I really want any of us will see this. So, in this article, we will tell you how to solve leaking oil for your Isuzu Impulse .
Step 1: open the hood, remove oil reservoir cap and take out dipstick to check it. User abandoned newspaper or cloth to wipe off remaining oil on the dipstick and then insert it into to oil reservoir of your Isuzu Impulse and take it out and read the marks to see if the oil reaches the oil level mark on the stick. Add oil if your crankcase is low.
Step 2: set intervals to see how severe the leakage is. For example, you can check it every 1 hour, 30 minutes 10 minute or so. If there is a rapid leakage of your Isuzu Impulse , then you can sure that there may be a hole in your pan.
Step 3: ultraviolet or blue light fluorescent dyes is good equipments for detecting leakage. This should be done at an environment that you can make it black easily. First, add dye to your reservoir and let your engine idle for several minutes. Make the whole environment black like turning off lights to see what place is shining. The shining place is where cause the leakage.
Step 4: also, you should check the engine of your Isuzu Impulse by coating talcum powder around your engine and then drive your car for several minutes and then check to see where you can find oil on powder then it is the place that caused the leakage.
Step 5: then, you should check your oil line. Ensure your oil reservoir is full and start your car. If there is problem with the oil line of your Isuzu Impulse , you can see oil spurting when there is a force.
Step 6: oil pan gasket is also a place that may cause oil leakage. You should do related check.
Step 7: if you find many places have leakage, then this maybe is caused by higher crankcase pressure which is quite sophisticated and you should have it check by mechanics.
Step 8: use degreaser and steam cleaning method on your engine, chassis and suspension to make the check work easier.

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