How to solve steering and suspension issues

Suspension and steering system of your car is dedicated to provide you with a smooth, even, stable and safe driving. In this article we will tell you how to solve steering and suspension issues. Before you went to service store for replacement, you should check it yourself to see if it is caused by loosen of nuts and bolts. We will list different symptoms and their respectively examination method.

First, always pull to one side when you are driving. In terms of this problem, you should check your tire pressure first, then check to see if you have uneven tire wear, bad wheel alignment, malfunction steering components and sticking brake caliper.

Second, if you encounter wheel flip-flop shimmy, then you should check the following parts: lower or uneven tire pressure, out-of-balance wheels, uneven or excessive tire wear and poor wheel alignment.

Third, if you turn your steering or you hold it when you turned and you can feel it is slipping slightly back and forth, then you should do the following check: power steering fluid level, if it is too low then you should add fluid; for loosen or worn power steering belt you should tighten them or do replacement work; power steering pump; steering rack mounts.

Fifth, if you have driven over a pump but your car still go up and down for a long time, then you should check to see if it has broken shocks or struts, if so, you should do replacement work. you also should check to see if you have broken or slipped leaf spring, if so, you should do repair or replacement work.

Sixth, you are driving and want to steer your car, but you just find that this simple work is not that easy for your car especially when you are driving at a low speed. You should check your power steering fluid level to see if it is too low, if so, you should add fluid. Then, you should check your steering belt, if it is broken or loosen, and then you should repair it or replace it. Go to lower steering pump and check the pressure to see if replacement work is needed. Inspect your power steering rack to see if it has leaks, if so, you should replace it.


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