Hyundai is in consideration of diesel engine

Hyundai has played the role of walking alternative in US for a long time. Hyundai’s own Senior Group Manager for Product Planning, Brandon Ramirez said, “While we can’t specify plans for future models, we are studying the possibility of diesel engines”,

which is an answer for the question of about if diesel is in the Genesis’ plan. It also means that the company will see Audi A6 TDI, BMW 535d, and Mercedes E250 BlueTec as its competitors. There are select models with 2.2L diesel (a horse power of 197hp and a torque of 322 lb-ft) in European and Korea area.It is said that newer and more powerful version of Genesis will be available.2015-Hyundai-Genesis2015-Hyundai-Genesis 012015-Hyundai-Genesis 022015-Hyundai-Genesis 03

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