i8 headlight the mass produced laser headlights of BMW in the second half of 2014

When Audi showed its new laser headlights at the 2014 CES, BMW expressed on Twitter: “We don’t have time to introduce the technology in 2011 to the 2014 CES, because we are busy with the production.” Of course, it’s not a casual comment. Recently, BMW discloses that the BMW i8 can select laser headlights in the autumn, and it will be the first model in the world that will be equip with this technology.BMW in the second half of 2014 01BMW in the second half of 2014

According to BMW, compared to the standard LED headlights of i8, the laser headlights can save about 30% of energy consumption, and the irradiation range goes up to 600m. What’s more, the laser headlights together with BMW high beam auxiliary system can prevent drivers from failing to switch the headlight to dipped headlight in time or completely forgetting to switch to dipped headlight, otherwise other drivers may feel dazzlingBMW in the second half of 2014 02

In addition to i8, the laser headlights will be used in other models of BMW. But they may be first assembled in some higher level models, such as the next generation of 7 Series.

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