Is expected to be released in 2017 Porsche to push new sports car

Recently, according to media reports, Porsche currently plans to launch a new coupe models, the new car will be named 988, and is expected to be released in 2017, the new car launch will be locked Ferrari 458 models as the main competitors.
According to the overseas media reports, the name for the new car in 988 will Porsche new modular platform to build on, the platform supports the middle and rear engine layout, drive in the form of support after flooding and Raider Buggies, this Porsche new 988 car will use the mid engine layout. In addition, it is reported, Porsche next generation Boxster, Cayman as well as 911 models will be based on this Porsche new platform to build.
The power aspect, this Porsche 988 or will be equipped with a 4.0L turbocharged engine, the maximum power output will reach around 600 hp. For more detailed information, we will continue to focus2017 Porsche to push new sports car

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