Kia Soul EV was spied in Chicago Auto Show

The Kia Soul EV was first shown at the Chicago Auto Show. Equippedwith a new charging port and modified bumpers, Kia Soul EV was seeingbeing tested near the Arctic Circle. Before that time, KIA motors company has release a photo about interior decoration layout.According to the photo, this model will have an EV featured infotainment system.

Under the back ground of environmental protection and green engineering, we also know that the new model will use biodegradable plastic, bio-foam and bio-fabric. It is said that this model will have 23.942 kg bio-based plastic and 10% bio-based organic carbon material.Kia Soul EV was spied in Chicago Auto Show

Kia didn’t talk much about technical problems of its new model. But according to Kia, its new model will have a 27 kmh lithium-ion battery and a 109-bhp electric motor and a torque of 210 lb-ft.

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