Lightweight build the Jaguar XE will be officially released in September 8th

Recently, the Jaguar official said, will be officially released in September 8th XE cars in London, the new car will then in October at the Paris motor show debut.
Published in the specific release time, Jaguar has announced some of the car chassis information. The Jaguar XE is lightweight Jaguar iQ[Al] platform to build, the rear wheel drive, the new car uses a chassis system originated from F-TYPE, aluminum front double wishbone independent suspension with front suspension, rear suspension uses is the multi link independent suspension. New car for the first time with the Jaguar electric power new steering system.
In addition, the car will be equipped with All Surface Progress Control system, the system is able to drive driving on a slippery road to provide better grip.
Power, new car carrying a variety of Jaguar’s engine, such as the INGENIUM series four cylinder engine, 3.0L supercharged engine and 5.0L supercharged engine. Jaguar said, more information will be in September 8 the week before official release.Jaguar XEJaguar XE01

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