May be named GT350 the exposure of shots of Ford Mustang high-performance version

Recently, the media has exposed a set of shots of Ford Mustang high-performance version. The new model may be named Mustang GT350, and is expected to release by the end of 2014.

From the shots, we can see the head part covered with thick camouflage. The media disclosed that the new car will be equipped with air inlet on the engine hood, and the front part will take more active design to show sportive feelings.Ford Mustang high-performance versionFord Mustang high-performance version 01Ford Mustang high-performance version 02Ford Mustang high-performance version 03The rear part of the test car adopted a more exaggerated design of bilateral four-tailpipe exhaust. From the shots, the car used 29535 19 inch tires for road test. The new model is expected to have a better road holding, and it may provide a new hub model.

What’s more, the media reports Ford may use new name for this high-performance version instead of the legendary name Shelby.

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