May launch in July Mercedes – AMG confirmed to launch new sports car

A few days ago, Mercedes – AMG has confirmed that a new sports car will be launched later in this year. According to previous information, the vehicle may be “SLC/AMG GT” (not the final name). The vehicle may make its official appearance on F1 Grand Prix in Germany in July.AMG confirmed to launch new sports car

News about Mercedes – AMG new sports cars came out a long time ago, and its test shots have also been exposed many times. The media judge, it may be referred to as “SLC/AMG GT”, which will fill the blank after the shutdown of SLS AMG.AMG confirmed to launch new sports car 01

In fact, the positioning of “SLC/AMG GT” is slightly lower than SLS AMG. Its body length has been shortened, and it takes normal side door design. However, the whole body still looks sportive. In power, the car may use a 4.0L V8 turbocharged engine, and the maximum power output reaches 493 horsepower.

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