Mazda spent much on MX-5 Miata

MX-5 Miata is about to debut. Mazda spent much on MX-5 Miata. The company spent much on laser-lit, smoke-machined three-continent, simultaneously live-streamed global reveal. The company rented a cavernous auditorium at Tokyo Disneyland in Japan. The same event was held in Monterey, Calif., and Barcelona, Spain. This event is also held as a Thanks Day to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the brand’s emblematic two-seat roadster. Although Mickey was a no show but that day 1,200 Miata owners and wannabes showed at the Tokyo. The first public viewing of the fourth-generation redesign of Mazda dream car was given to fans as thanks. The whole event is pretty interesting.MX-5 Miata

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