North American auto show starts Lexus F series new forecast figure

Lexus has announced that it would show in North America released a F high-performance series of new products, at the same time, the official also released a new forecast figure. Together before the news of the design characteristics of the product details, and forecast the picture editor speculated that new car IS likely to be a new Coupe IS F, but the specific identity, the lexus wasn’t disclosed
Through the forecast figure, the lexus brand new f-series models adopted family intake grille design, with a carbon fiber at the bottom of the decoration, in addition to the vehicle IS equipped with a large size spokes round sha-lu and more orange brake calipers, and its headlights set of modelling also IS very sharp, and a new generation IS the design style of four edition models close.

According to previous messages, lexus will be releasing two new models, F series and GS F in overseas has been exposed photos before, its headlights design different models and former face contour and forecast in the figure, and the other IS a lexus Coupe IS F, new look from the headlights modelling of forecast models in figure, with the IS product design style IS very close, so the editor speculated that this upcoming F series models are likely to be the new Coupe IS F.

Motivation, lexus IS F new Coupe could use a new 5.0 L V8 engine, the maximum output power to 461 HP (339 kw), achieved 543 n · m torque, power than cash model has large improvement, in addition the engine cylinder passivation function, according to the need to shut down four cylinder, in order to obtain lower fuel consumption. News about lexus brand new F series models, we will continue to focus on.

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