Opel SUV is under the plan

Opel has just said that the company’s lineup will see a flagship SUV.
245 million Euros will be invested into the General Motors division’s Ruesselsheim, Germany home plant for building the new SUV.
Mary Barra, GM CEO of the company said, after his second visit of Opel’s headquarters in Ruesselsheim, that the model will be the brand’s second flagship only after the Insignia midsize sedan.
By the end of the decade Opel’s new SUV will be launched. No more details about the model have given for now.
The car will be called the Monza and will use underpinnings from GM’s Buick brand, German car magazine AutoBild said Thursday on its website. The SUV will go on sale in 2019 with prices starting below 30,000, AutoBild said
In March, Karl-Thomas Neumann, CEO of Opel, had said that because of strong consumer demands, the brand will be more a crossover.Opel SUV is under the plan

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