Output 1000 horsepower McLaren P1 GTR concept car official figure

McLaren official has released the official figure P1 GTR concept car, the car on the circuit design, McLaren described it as a “the best driver of the car on the track. At the same time, the car is to celebrate the McLaren F1 GTR the 20th anniversary of the birth.
McLaren P1 GTR in pebble beach auto show starting this year, a new car for P1 in a series of upgrades can legally hit the road. Motivation, new car still carry 3.8 L V8 hybrid system composed of turbocharged engine and motor, but integrated maximum power from 916 horsepower to 916 horsepower.
In addition to power on the upgrade, McLaren of the aerodynamics package P1 GTR also adopted more, before the face of design change, the tail design change, also used the two out of the exhaust, the exhaust pipe with nickel and titanium alloy materials, at the bottom of the diffuser and adopted a new aerodynamic design, looks more dynamic, new car also introduces new GT style of large size rear spoiler.New car is equipped with DRS System (Drag Reduction System) can control the spoiler System, it also adopted the 19 inch wheels, and adopted quick release lock nut.New car is still the oledata.mso by McLaren customization department (McLaren Special Operations) exclusive, P1 GTR will P1 after shutdown began to go into mass production next year, the car will be available only to P1 of the owner to choose and buy. The McLaren hasn’t released P1 GTR how many units will be mass production, but officials say the car’s price is expected to 1.98 million poundsMcLaren P1 GTR

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