Redesigned Mercedes-Benz C-class will come soon

Mercedes-Benz is planning to redesign its 2015 C-class sedan which is said to be equipped with new technologies and features. The sedan targets luxury compact as its goal. One of its major competitors is BMW with the help of the 3- and 4-seires compacts. Mercedes-Benz said that it is going to set the standard in every segment. An amazing part of the C-class is its Intelligent Drive package which is integrated with safety features and cross-traffic and lane-keeping assist, and worth $2800. It includes rear-end collision protection, adaptive cruise control, Pre-Safe braking and steering. This version is likely to attract younger consumers. In terms of price, the base rear-drive C300 costs $39,325, including shipping; the C300 all-wheel-drive will cost $41,325, including shipping; the C400 4Matic swill costs $49,515, including shipping.

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