Sprinter-based Beleza was introduced by Lexani

Lexani has been in world luxury car family for a long time. Recently, the luxury car company has just announced its new Sprinter-based Beleza which has a “first-class office area for those who need to balance a little work with play while on the road.”
On the office side, we can see a desk, a printer / scanner / copier and an Apple Mac Mini with a wireless keyboard. WiFi 4G connectivity and an iPad with its own docking station are also available. A 46-inch Samsung LED TV, a PlayStation 3 and a Bose surround sound system make it more attractive and brilliant. A refrigerator / freezer, a Nespresso machine and two 19-inch LED TVs make it impressive.
The model is said to cost $250,000-$500,000.Sprinter-based Beleza

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