The 2015 Tokyo motor show release subaru will push three concept car

Subaru has announced in January 9, 2015 opening of the Tokyo motor show released three new concept model, the three, respectively is a new generation of the liberty B4 Blitzen concept car, XV Sport concept car and LEVORG S concept car. Though the subaru has not released three new concept car of the official figure, but the official revealed some new information, let us understand each of these three new concept car.

The liberty B4 Blitzen concept car will be based on a new generation of the liberty to build appearance will use is called Premium Red unique Red paint, and equipped with a new sport surrounded and large size spoiler. And interiors, concept car will use piano black and beige material for package, and match with red stitching, and highlight its motility Another subaru XV Sport concept car will be based on the subaru XV, concept car, adopt unique Sunrise Yellow (Yellow) Sunrise paint spraying, and are equipped with a black intake grille and new design sports rims, visual effect is expected very outstanding. In addition, the concept car than ordinary models with lower body height.
The subaru LEVORG S concept car, will be used on the basis of the normal version LEVORG STI style suite, its appearance is expected to more aggressive, in addition, the concept car also improved the air intake and exhaust system. Power, the car will pick up 2.0 L level to buy turbo engine, matching and 6 speed manual gearbox

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