The New 2014 Ram Power Wagon is of the most on- and off-road capability

The New 2014 Ram Power Wagon is said to be a pickup with the most on- and off-road capability. It is powered by the standard 6.4-liter HEMI V-8 engine which can develop a horse power of 410 HP and a torque of 429 lb.-ft. According to President and CEO, Reid Bigland, “The 2014 Ram Power Wagon fills a need for those who travel into extreme terrain for rescue or recreation, while delivering on-road civility and the towing capability expected from a heavy-duty truck.”

Its unique“Ram Articulink” front suspension system incorporates high movement joints and sway-bar disconnecting system, which allows for additional flexibility and axle articulation. Its new exterior design including colors, lighting, wheels, grilles and tri-color graphics is one factor that will attract many consumers.2014-ram-power-wagon

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