The Nissan will push niche car based on BladeGlider

Recently, Nissan chief Planning Officer Andy Palmer to overseas media, Nissan is planning to introduce a representative niche models. The overseas media speculation, the car is likely to be a production version of the BladeGlider concept.
Andy Palmer introduces, Nissan will not abandon the launch other odd, or sales may be more bleak niche production models, but these models more significance lies in showing Nissan special in molding and technology. But on this niche models in detail, Andy Palmer would not say more.
According to the overseas media speculation, Andy Palmer mentioned this niche models is likely to be a production version of the BladeGlider concept, its design inspiration comes from Nissan DeltaWing car, the car to take the three seat design, 1+2 power, the BladeGlider concept car uses is a pure electric system.the BladeGlider

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