The soonest delivery time is in 2015, MODEL X accepts reservations now

Recently we learnt from the official website of American Tesla that the MODEL X has begun to accept reservations, and you can pay advanced deposit in two ways: customers pay the largest amount of deposit will become the first owners of MODEL X in 2015, while for customs who pay smaller amount of deposit, Tesla have not confirmed the delivery time yet. According to some netizens, the order number of this vehicle has exceeds more than 7000.MODEL X accepts reservations now

“Interface screenshots of Tesla’s official website booking MODEL X”

Some old news reported that MODEL X was expected to enter the market in the second half of 2014, but according to the latest official information, its delivery time has been delayed to 2015. What’s more, there are two reservation ways: one is to pay the largest amount of $40000, and the customers will get the first batch of cars in 2015; if customers choose to pay a smaller amount of $5000, Tesla will deliver the cars in 2015 after the customers that have paid the largest amount of deposit.

MODEL X accepts reservations now 01


MODEL X is a crossover SUV pure electric car, and the most distinctive highlight in appearance is a design of gull-wing rear doors. In addition, some other parts have employed a few advanced design elements. The internal space of the car also adopts the design of three rows and seven seats, and gull-wing doors provide more convenience for passengers on the seats of the two back row

MODEL X accepts reservations now 02


Tesla has not announced the detailed information on dynamic parameter of MODEL X. They only disclosed that there will be two optional battery packs of 60 KWH and 85 KWH for different models. All models in the series will use four-wheel drive system with double motor, and it takes less than 5 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h.

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