Video The Lexus SUV new Lexus NX static display AD hd

Video shows a lexus LF – NX based concept car, launch the production version of the SUV models. Lexus LF – NX production version for reference of the concept car design elements, the lexus new family-run spindle design. China open intake grille size slightly narrowed, but the entire front line still aggressive, the sense that gives a person shine at the moment. In the future, the production version of this car will be used as the audi Q3, the BMW X1, Benz GLA compact luxury SUV models such as rivals. Power system, the lexus LF – NX concept car carrying is a hybrid system, the gasoline engine carry as this is a 2.5 -liter four-cylinder engine. And mass production, the car will have more power to choose optional, but the official did not reveal any news.

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