Volvo XC90 new will be released on August 27

Sweden on the night of August 26, local time, on August 27, the morning Beijing time, Volvo will be a new generation XC90 starting ceremony held in Stockholm, we will also bring you report at the scene. Cash XC90 introduced in 2002 have been selling up to now, and the upcoming new generation XC90 will have an upgrade. And according to our latest understanding, a new generation XC90 after starting in Sweden, will be in guangzhou auto show in November this year starting in China.
Get the information from the previous, a new generation XC90 is based on the new SPA modular platform to build, in terms of weight, a new Volvo XC90 than the previous generation product weight 100 kilograms. Look, the car into the Volvo’s latest design concept, is expected to reach 5070 mm in length.
Interiors, from the official figure to see new car interior layout is very atmospheric, ipc adopted a big size LCD screen, replaced the traditional some of the key, the new XC90 adopted and developed with apple CarPlay system, it can be finished through its air conditioning, entertainment systems and other operations. It is worth mentioning that a new car in the outside of the traditional modelling, also can supply by the Swedish back poem (Orrefors) brand to provide the crystal block.
In addition, a new generation XC90 will also carry two pioneering security configuration, respectively is the road from protection scheme and intersection automatic brake technology. (click here to see the new generation XC90 security configuration) also like rear-ended preventive protection system, a new generation of roll stability control system, City Safety City Safety prevention system, road traffic sign recognition system, blind spot information system and reversing car side warning system, line up auxiliary function, 360 ° panoramic cameras will also appear in the car.
Of power, a new generation XC90 using the new Drive – E powertrain, offers a variety of gasoline or diesel engines, including T6 vehicles carrying twin turbo engine 2.0 L (turbo + mechanical pressurization), maximum output power to 325 HP (239 kw), peak torque of 400 n · m; T5 model (2.0 L turbocharged engine maximum output power to 257 HP (189 kw), peak torque of 350 n · m.
Besides the above power with a new generation XC90 also provides a plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (T8), its by mechanical pressurization + 2.0 -liter four-cylinder turbo technology Drive – E gasoline engine and 80 horsepower (60 kw) of motor, the total output of 405 horsepower (298 kw), peak torque of 640 n · m, in the hybrid mode, the gasoline engine is responsible for the driving wheel, motor is responsible for the rear wheelsVolvo XC90 01

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