Wait and see if Jaguar will take F-Type Targa

Recently, it is rumored that the Jaguar is considering taken F-Type Targa. Ian Callum, the lead designer of F-Type coupe revealed at its launch at the U.K. that a Targa model of the new F-TYPE is under consideration and is hinted to be a hardtop. “We’re considering it, but it’s not definite.” Ian Callum said. In consideration of the positive review of the F-TYPE Convertible, we are only dreaming that maybe the company will put the plan into production in the near future since Porsche’s Targa sees roughly a 10-percent take rate these days, and Jaguar sells fewer cars than Porsche does. Whether it will come true or not, we can just wait and see.Wait and see if Jaguar will take F-Type Targa

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