Why your 1974 AMC Hornet stalls at intersections

You are waiting at an intersection. Then you accelerate your car and it just stops. Why? This is really embarrassing and trumpets come over. In this article, we will tell you why your 1974 AMC Hornet stalls at intersections.

Reason 1:

Low transmission fluid level of your 1974 AMC Hornet is one reason that may lead to stalling at intersection. Check the dip stick of your automatic transmission according to the instructions printed on your owner’s manual. Try your best to not allow any dust or dirt to contaminate the dip stick before reinserting. While replacing transmission fluid and filter vary, you should perform in accordance with the requirement of owner’s manual. If you can afford a power flush, you should have one and it is really worth doing.
Reason 2:

Catalytic converter is clogged. If you 1974 AMC Hornet has no power when accelerating, look under the car at night when is has been running for a while. If catalytic converter is glowing, you may have a clogged catalytic converter.
Reason 3:

You probably have an O2 sensor failure. After a cold engine start-up, look for initial idle OK. Warm engine idles will surge and stall a few thousand miles later, you will see the light of “check engine” turn on. If your 1974 AMC Hornet is made after 1996, then you can bring it to any AutoZone store to ask them to help your read the codes. It is a free service. There are several reasons that will turn on the “check engine” light. So, you would better have it read. If the code complains unexpected lean mixture, then your O2 sensor may have problem. So you should have your O2 sensor replaced.

Reason 4:

The engine of your 444 is idling too low or your control module is going out.

In addition to the above mentioned reasons, we all know that there are many other reasons that will cause a car stalling at intersections: for example, your gas may contain too much moisture; you have a clogged, dirty or old fuel filter or fuel pump,

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